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Nutrisystem has changed its webpage completely. Can I still use w8book?

More than ever, w8book became a GOTTA-HAVE tool. With the changes on NS webpage, we no longer have a list of the latest 25 updated profiles on the NS site. That's really bad for those who like to keep in touch with others who really are working the program. W8book.com has now it's own profile that looks like the old NS profile.

Where should I place my HTML code in the new NS website?

1) Login into your NS account, click on COMMUNITY and MY PAGE. 2) Click on the link to EDIT your page. 3) Scroll down to the MORE ABOUT ME session - that's where you can place your HTML code.

Is this guestbook free?

Yes. The guestbook is free. However, due the success of the guestbook, more features were added to it. Some of these features require more bandwidth, disk space, and server time, so they are available to VIP members only.

Why I cannot see my Weight Loss graphic anymore?

I never expected the success of this guestbook would be that huge. Within 6 months more than 6,000 accounts were created. Processing graphics is something heavy for any computer, and having these graphics in all the accounts were overloading the server. In order to be fair with the VIP members, I had to remove this feature from the FREE accounts until I can get a more powerful equipment. I really feel bad for that, but I didn't have any other option and, in addition, the price of a VIP membership for the whole year is completely affordable. I hope be able to put this feature back to everyone soon!

Why my profile page says that my account is expired?

Your VIP account is expired, it means that you are no longer a VIP. If you do not want to contribute, just ignore this message!

How do I create the graphic of my weight loss?

If you are a VIP member, just enter your weights under the WEIGHT HISTORY tab.

How can I create my Photo Gallery?

If you are a VIP member. just go to the PHOTO GALLERY session!

Where can I reply or delete comments?

Logim into www.w8book.com, and click on the REPLY tab.

When I paste the code into my page, part of my page disapears or the guestbook does not work.

Unfortunately, the Nutrisystem website limits the number of characters you can have in your profile to 2500. That means that all your text including the blank spaces and the HTML codes you put there have to be done with up to 2500 characters. If you write more than that, the bottom part will get lost. That's sad!

Does w8book.com belongs to Nutrisystem.com?

No. W8book.com has nothing to do with Nutrisystem.com - I am also a Nutrisystem user, and I created the W8book to myself in order to receive feedback from others. Soon, a lot of people asked me to use it too... so I opened it up to everyone. W8book worked perfectly with Nutrisystem, but can be used in any other website or blog.

Can I place the guestbook somewhere else or just in Nutrisystem's website?

You can place your guestbook anywhere you want. Just place the HTML code and it will work everywhere, including your PERSONAL blog. However, people not related to the Nutrisystem's site will not be able to see your NS profile.

I became a VIP member, but for some reason I don't want the guestbook anymore... can I get a refund?

If within 10 days of your purchase, YES, you can get a full refund. After 10 days, we no longer will be able to refund your payment.

How can I contact you?

You always can use the link on the bottom of each page which allows you to contact the programmer! Usually I reply within an hour or so.

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